apex locator
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Apex Locator
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Charactors :

1: Dual frequencyimpedance measurement technology .It has noinfluence of the working environment where it is full of thephysiological saline NaClO, H2O2.

2: Root areamagnification show the digital scale and the changes of thesound also can indicate position of thefile in the root-canal.

3: 3 dry batteries,low consumption and long working time .

4: Measure the filequickly accurately and coincidently

5: Based on thechanges of the sound can indicate the trajectory of thefile.

6 :Show thetreating procedure quickly for the patients.

7 :The accessoriesof the Apex locator can be autoclaved under the hightemperature and high pressure voiding crossinfection effectively .

8: Fashionabledesign, compact, light-weight and portable.

Apex Locator which during test under the exsomatized teeth :

Testing purpose :
A: simulated the actual tooth testing process
B:  makes dentist more clearly to see  the corresponding change on the display screen during the protape file is moving
C: eliminating the dentists ' doubts that whether the apex locator is precise or not

1: Get ready to below parts: main unit , measuring wire , lip hook , measuring file , file clip ,exsomatized teeth ,physiological saline

2: Deeply dip the exsomatized teeh and the lip hook into the physiological saline  . Using the file clip fasten the protape.

3: Inserted the protape into the root cannal, among with the  forward moving of the protape. the LED screen display also move down

Below picture is showing the protape is near the root (0.7 position)

Below  picture is showing  the protape arrival on  the 0.3 position

4: Blow picture is showing at the 0.4 position which in the green area means that located in the narrow root cannal

5: Below pictures is showing at the 0.0 position which means that the protape reach at  the anatomical root foramina . Take down the file lip and

keep the protape on the  teeth.

6:Taking down the exsomatized teeth ,then observe its apices and the anatomical apical pore

7:  Will clearly to see the protape when lightly move it