intra oral camera
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2milion pixel hight-definition wirelss intraoral camera
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Product details:

Product Features :
The new unique exterior design
* Operation is simple to install and flexible , lightweight and easy to carry * USB / VGA / VIDEO 3 kinds of output .
* High -definition screen, lens used in Japan Sony non-plastic lenses, to ensure a clear lens without distortion
* Ultra- wide-angle auto focus lens , whether it is a single tooth or dental panoramic , all without manual focus, clearly show the true picture of nature
* Wireless transmission , allowing the dentist to use handy.
* Mobile phone equipped with an automatic power pylons , allowing doctors to take place in a more convenient
* Can a single screen freeze, freeze and four-screen display (1,4 Split )
* Support for mobile phones and dual pedals freeze function.
* Host with multifunction buttons to operate.
* With a variety of video signal output.
* By phone keypad control screen up and down.
* External infrared sensor remote control , no dead ends .
Product Specifications
Image Sensor 1/4 sony CCD
2.0 megapixel image resolution
Lighting Resource 6 white LED (5600K)
Poly -point range 3mm ~ 50mm
Photography 105 degrees viewing angle
Cable length 2m
Frequency range 5725 ~ 5875MHz
Signal System NTSC / PAL standard
Channel selection four channels
Transmit power 10dBm ( about 10 m )
Receive Sensitivity 95dB
Battery 1600mA lithium battery