Water Distriller
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Water Distiller
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1.Household water distiller
2.High quality water distiller ,CE approved.
3.For alcohol make
4.High efficiency protect
5.High efficiency protector for overheating!
1.Power: 750 W
2.Related voltage and frequency:
AC110/120V,50Hz/60Hz,AC220/240V, 50Hz/60Hz
3.Size: 40cm x 24cm x 38cm
4.Daily distillate capacity: 24L
5.Boiling chamber capacity: 4L
6.Collecting jug capacity: 4L

7.Gross weight: 7.5kg


You just need to fill into the ordinary tap water, and then you can get high-quality distilled water. Clinics, hospitals, laboratories and other occasions often use a little of distilled water, it’s the best way to get distilled water.


Remember! Purified water is not distilled water!

Autoclave must use distilled water as the working medium. Even pure water, it also contains various minerals, evaporation at high temperatures will produce scale. Over time, the accumulation of scale will be causing the steam leak, causing a small pipe jam, pressure and temperature sensor failures etc. While in chamber with the

hole sterilizing equipment, scale easy to jam into the small pipes and bearings, to make equipment performance degradation, which affects using life. This shows the importance of using distilled water.

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